Piedra Natural - Natural Stone

Fabricación  y suministro de columnas de piedra, fuentes de piedra, chimeneas de piedra, lavabos de mármol , platos de ducha de mármol , bañeras de piedra

Located in Macael (Almería), our factory has a great experience, and specializes in custom manufacturing of marble and natural stone:

Marble floors

Friezes and marble mosaics

Marble columns

Marble fountains

Marble fireplaces

Marble sinks

Marble shower trays

Marble baths

Other elements

We have a wide range of models to choose from. However, our main characteristic is that we specialize in custom manufacturing.

For example, you can choose one of our models of sources, choose the material, type of finish (honed, polished, sandblasted, ...) and the desired size; or give us a concrete design and we'll manufacture it according to your instructions. The same we can do with any of our products (columns, masks, fireplaces ...)

Also specialized to go take measures ladder and making montages of architectural elements such as fonts, columns, fireplaces staff have, etc.

Prices directly from the factory, very competitive.

Quality and service at a good price.